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Central Brooklyn's Sense Of Self

REMEMBER THE MAJOR is committed to commemorating 

the life and legacy of Hon. Major R. Owens, a visionary and diligent 

public servant at the New York City, New York State and Federal levels. 

We, the people of Central Brooklyn, remember the

activism and community struggle endured for decades

while building an empowerment foundation and earning the

political clout that may be taken for granted today.

We, the people of Central Brooklyn, remain vigilant in our struggle

to obtain the quality education that all of our children deserve, 

including the curricula and the resources needed to achieve excellence.  This includes support for the arts, for the extracurricular activities,

for all of the technology, and for instruction of the highest quality.

We, the people of Central Brooklyn, remain committed to the most positive and lovingly empowered relationships between neighbors, between groups, between the community and law enforcement,

between political leadership and their constituents,

and between generations.

All these things are part of the legacy of Hon. Major R. Owens --

a legacy we enjoy and are determined to sustain.

Welcome to the spirit of Central Brooklyn .. the spirit of Major Owens!

Who We Were ... Who We Are: Who We Are
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