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Remembering The Major

Dr. Theta Shipp   January 10, 2021

Major trusted my judgements and professionalism...  Maria [Owens] and Major supported my adoption desires and helped me obtain my second child. The Major never stopped my desire to help and my support of HBCU's and Trio Programs which, because he was such a supporter, is why these institutions are flourishing today.

Major was Libraries, which is why every HBCU has proper resources and support in that area.  He was Select Education...which is why the Schools and Colleges for the deaf flourish.  He was pro the education of the Special Needs Student, which is why inclusion throughout 12 years of education is now a reality in most States.

Then Major could write, speak and communicate complicated circumstances involved with most issues.  His "Special Order" speeches were masterful lectures.  This is why there are still those Members who go into the "Well" long after the House is out of Session for the day -- or the term -- to explain the dynamics of laws, what they see as the pros and the cons, and how the laws affect their Congressional Districts and America as a whole.

Major was a loving, gentle giant who I called my Friend until he transitioned. He helped so many people.  I am glad to be able to contribute to any effort that honors him.

Mr. Fred Newdom   November 11, 2020

I met Major Owens in 1966 when he was head of Brooklyn CORE. We were picketing a liquor store. I think I remember that somewhere around then he became head of Brownsville Community Council. He was an impressive leader.

Dr. Jackie Cody   March 10, 2020

My memories are mostly through my aunt, the late Mrs. Ollie McClean, and other family members who worked closely with the Late Congressman. It wasn't until later years that I was graced with the opportunity to work along side Congressman Owens regarding the Bedford Armory. He was a staunch advocate for uplifting his communities. Persistent and tireless in his goals for Justice, is the fine example I'll cherish and emulate.

Hon. Christopher Owens   March 7, 2020

He was my Dad, an inspiration in and of himself, and a great leader.

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